Hiring A Moving Company? Here Are Four Ways To Save

Hiring a professional moving company is often seen as the most costly way to move, but it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are ways to save when hiring someone to move your items to your new home. Start by following these tips:

Get a binding, written estimate.

When you get estimates from moving companies, make sure you get them in writing. Also, check that what you're being provided with is a "binding estimate." This means that you'll be charged that amount—and not more--if you choose to hire that moving company. If you get only a verbal or non-binding estimate, you might end up being charged more than you planned once the move is all over.

Avoid doubling up on insurance.

Moving companies typically offer insurance so that if anything happens to your items during transportation, you can be reimbursed for their value. However, there are homeowner's insurance policies that offer this same coverage. It would be silly to pay for insurance through your moving company if your homeowner's insurance already covers damage to items during transit. So verify your moving-related coverage through your homeowner's insurance company before you purchase any additional coverage.

Do the packing yourself.

Many moving companies offer several packages. Some packages may include packing and unpacking, while others just include actually loading, driving, and unloading the truck. If you pack yourself, you'll end up paying a lot less. Self-packing does take some effort, but if you plan ahead and pack a little at a time over a few weeks or a month, it should be manageable.

Don't pay to move anything you don't need.

The more items you need transported, the more your moving company will charge. So make it your priority to get rid of anything you don't need before you move. If there's furniture you won't need in your new home, sell it now rather than waiting until after you move. Get rid of your expired items instead of tossing them in boxes to sort through later on. Donate clothing you no longer wear. You'll be surprised how much you get rid of – and every item you discard is money saved on moving costs.

Remember to contact a few moving companies before you settle on one. Costs can vary widely, and with a few estimates in front of you, you'll be able to pick the option that's best for your budget. Click to learn more about the services offered by moving companies.