Tips To Help Make Your Move To New Home Easier

When it comes to moving, not many other events in your life can be as stressful and life-altering. Being prepared before you start packing up everything you own is the best way to keep down the stress of moving. Follow these tips for helping make your move to a new home easy and more like an adventure than a dreadful task.

Start Collecting Packing Supplies Ahead Of Time

One of the most time-consuming parts of moving is packing up all your personal property. Having all the packing supplies you need on hand when you start packing is a good idea. Start collecting these supplies in the days before your move so you can be ready on packing day:

  • Boxes: When getting together boxes, being picky can be a good way to prevent the bottoms falling out when you move them. The boxes used to pack printer paper in are good ones because they have lids and they are sturdy. The boxes you can find at grocers used for bottled sodas or milk are good as well because they are also sturdy and usually have built in handles for easy carrying.

  • Packing tape: When choosing packing tape, making sure you choose a high-quality brand is best. The last thing you need are your belongings spilling out the boxes you taped while going down the road. Brown paper tape you moisten with a sponge is a good choice.

  • Packing peanuts: You can purchase packing peanuts at most moving companies. If you know ahead of time you are moving, saving packing peanuts from packages you may have received is a good way to save money on buying them.

  • Blankets: Protecting furnishings like mirrors is easier when you have the right type of protection. Check with local moving companies about the kinds of blankets they offer for wrapping and cushioning property like mirrors. Using blankets in between furniture you do not want to get scratched is also a good idea.

  • Styrofoam plates and cups: Buy a few packs of Styrofoam plates and cups before you move so you will have them on the big day. When you start packing your dishes, sliding a Styrofoam plate in between each glass or ceramic plate will lower the chances they get broken during the move. You can use Styrofoam cups to slide your best drinking glasses into before you put them in the box so they will have greater chances of making to your new house in one piece.

  • Permanent markers: Have a pack of fresh permanent markers ready when you start packing for marking what's in boxes. Remember to mark the contents on the top of the box and on its sides so when boxes are stacked, you will be able to see their contents label.

Being prepared for your move to a new house can make a huge difference in how stressful it is. If you know you are going to move, start now making preparations with local moving companies so it will be easier to get through.