It’s Time To Relocate: 4 Tips To Make The Move A Little Easier

Moving is never an easy task. It's usually those last minute details that cause the most stress during a move. Luckily, with some careful planning, there are some things you can do to alleviate some of that stress. Here's a quick checklist that will help make moving a little easier.

Measure the Big Stuff

If you're taking your furniture and appliances, you want to make sure they're all going to fit. One of the worst things that can happen during a move is to find out at the last minute that your favorite couch won't fit through the doors of your new home. Before you start packing your large items, take some measurements to make sure they'll fit.

Once you have the measurements, go to your new home and make sure everything will fit properly. If you're moving out of the area and can't get to your new home, ask your realtor to take care of the measurements on that end for you.

Downsize Your Belongings

Now that you're moving, it's the perfect time to downsize. Instead of waiting until you get to your new place to get rid of things you no longer need, take the time to downsize while you're packing. While you're sorting through your belongings, make three separate piles – keep, donate, trash. Pack the items you're keeping while you're doing your sorting. Once you're done, you can toss the trash and have a local charity come and pick up your donations.

Record the Inventory

It can be difficult to keep track of your possessions during a move. That's why it's a good idea to record your household inventory while you're packing. You can record your inventory while you're packing each room. Once you have your inventory complete, you can place them in a binder. When you're ready to unpack, you'll know exactly what you have for each room.

Gather Important Documents

If you have children, you're going to need to gather important documents before you move. Documents such as medical and educational records should go with you. These items should be stored in a binder. While medical and educational records can be transmitted via email, it's a good idea to have hardcopy records of your own. If you'll be driving cross-county to your new home, it's particularly important for you to have your child's medical records with you for emergency purposes. While you're gathering medical records for your kids, you should also make sure you have copies of your own records. 

Moving doesn't have to be a major headache. The tips provided above will help you prepare for the big move. Visit for more information.