In The Military And Leaving For A Long Time? 4 Tips For Using A Storage Unit

When you are in the military, you sometimes have to relocate for a long period of time. For instance, you may get deployed or transferred to an overseas location, both of which are temporary, but often lengthy, living situations. Although you could try to bring all of your items over in an overseas transfer, you are better off keeping most of your belongings in the states, where you know you will be coming back to eventually.

Renting a unit at a storage facility is often necessary for keeping your belongings, but you should know how to guarantee a positive experience, especially when you will have no access to the storage unit for a long time.

Store Your Car and Items in the Same Facility

Working with one company and set of employees is much easier than trying to juggle communication with two facilities. It Is ideal to create a simple storage solution while you are deployed or stationed overseas. Taking your car and possessions to the same business is the best way to make this happen.

Check for Places with Military Discounts

Although you might be familiar with some places that offer military discounts, you should not miss out on potential savings as a member of the armed forces. Being able to save even 10% can make a huge difference. For instance, at $100 per month for two years, this kind of discount would save you $240.

Make Sure Your Car Is Ready

When you are getting ready to leave, it is easy to forget about everything that you need to do to get your car ready. Long-term storage can lead to car problems when done improperly. So, you must prepare by doing things like changing the oil, filling up the gas, and making sure that it is covered. A storage unit is the best place to minimize the chance of it getting damaged from exposure to the elements.

Set Up Automatic Payments

While you are more than capable of making your own payments, you may not have time or an opportunity to do so while deployed or stationed at an overseas location. It is better to set up automatic payments, which will prevent you from getting into a situation in which you owe late fees or lose your car and items.

As a military member, you have to live with some unpredictable circumstances. When you need to get a storage unit, you should know what to do to ensure that your experience is a positive one.