Three Things Movers May Want To Know Ahead Of Helping You Move And Why

Prior to your household moving, you may only be thinking about wrapping and boxing stuff up. However, if you have hired a moving company that sends movers to help, there may be a few other things you need to think about besides packing. Sometimes these "helper movers" will want to know some things about the stuff in your home and what they can expect on moving day. Here are three examples of things movers may want to know ahead of helping you move and why it is important for you to give them the answers they seek. 

Number of Large or Extra Large Furniture Items

Movers will ask you if you have any large or extra large furniture items that will need to be moved. Examples of the items they want to know about are entertainment centers that take up an entire wall or roll-top computer desks. Any furniture item that is going to require some major lifting or disassembling just to get it out the door and onto the truck is what they want to know about. These items will require some special equipment, and to make the move as simple and uncomplicated as possible, the movers often like to bring all of the correct equipment with them when they arrive. 

Number of Pianos, Antiques and/or Family Heirlooms

These types of items require "white glove service," the kind of service that treats each of these expensive or priceless items with great care. If the movers know in advance that they will need to move a piano, antiques or family heirlooms, they may bring a second truck, a piano dolly, lots of bubble wrap or packaging foam and/or special shipping crates to protect these items and ship them separately from your boxes, heavier furniture pieces and any appliances you are taking with you.

Number of Pre-Planned or Expected Stops Along Your Moving Route

If you have also hired one of the many long-distance moving companies (such as Wheaton World Wide Moving), then the movers may want to know of any pre-planned or expected stops you will make en route to your new home. Since the movers will try to time their travel so that they arrive just after you have reached your new home, knowing that you are expecting to stop for lunch or rest breaks will help them time their arrival accordingly. It gives them time to take a lunch or make pit stops when they need to as well.