How Can You Get The Most Out Of Your Moving Storage Unit During Your Upcoming Relocation?

Having a storage unit can be very useful during a relocation because it gives you a place to store boxes while packing and unpacking. Still, knowing how to make the most efficient use of your storage space will help ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. These tips will help you pack as much stuff into your moving storage unit as you can, and will also help you keep the things in your unit as accessible as possible, so you can get to the items you need in a timely fashion.

Pack Items in Zones

As you fill your storage unit with stuff, pack your items in zones. Lesser used items (like out of season clothes and holiday decorations) should be packed first, so they'll be in the back. This leaves room for more frequently used items at the front. Doing this will ensure that you can easily access those things you're more likely to need.

If possible, pack like items together. For example, if you're packing your kitchen items in your storage unit, put those items altogether in one quadrant of the storage unit (probably near the front unless you're the kind of person who never cooks). This way, if you need your kitchen items shortly after moving into your new home, you'll know that you can get to them by simply digging out all boxes from one particular area of the storage unit.

Pack Everything You Can into Modular Storage Bins

Packing cardboard boxes on one another can get messy and the piles are likely to topple because they're more likely to be top-heavy. Modular storage bins are easy to stack on one another, so they can make neater and more manageable piles inside your storage unit.

Pack Boxes into Furniture to Make Efficient Use of Space

If you're packing a large piece of furniture that has a hollow space inside (like a refrigerator or a desk), fill the hollow space with small boxes and other easy-to-store items. This will help you avoid leaving large, unused spaces inside your storage unit.

Disassemble Awkwardly Shaped Items

Strangely shaped items like bicycles take up a lot of room. You can cut back on the amount of room your strangely shaped items take by disassembling them. To prevent the small pieces from getting lost, put them inside a baggie and tape the baggie to the bike. 

For  more information about how your moving storage unit can store as much stuff as possible during your upcoming relocation, contact a representative from your moving storage company. Your customer service representative can give you suggestions that will help.