Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Professional Movers

If you've had bad experiences with trying to recruit your friends to help you move – only to have far fewer than expected show up on the big day – it's time to skip the amateurs and go straight to hiring some professionals. Booking a crew of movers for your house move eases the burden on you and can drastically reduce the stress of the day. Regardless of the rate that you pay for this service, it's important to keep tipping in mind throughout the day. This is the best way to show your gratitude for the movers' help. If you haven't previously hired a moving crew, here are three things to know about tipping.

It's Good To Check The Company's Policy

It's always a smart idea to check the moving company's policy on tipping when you call to book the movers for your moving day. Some moving companies ask their employees not to accept tips; for others, tipping is widely acceptable and appreciated. It's valuable to know where your company's policy stands before potentially going through the uncomfortable scenario of trying to hand out tips to the individual crew members but having them tell you that they're not able to accept cash.

There's A Suggested Guideline

Provided your moving company doesn't have a problem with customers tipping its employees, you're all set to move forward with tipping. Keep the guidelines of giving $10 to $25 per person in mind. This guideline provides you with enough leeway to choose a specific amount that you feel is fair based on how each mover performed.

You can evaluate factors such as each mover's hustle, care for your belongings and his or her interactions with you throughout the day. If the mover excels in these categories, you might decide to tip around the $25 mark. Whatever you choose, it's beneficial to know how many movers will be helping you and to have enough small-denomination bills available to make up the tips.

Don't Ask The Foreman To Distribute Tips

It's not the best approach to give all the tips to the moving crew's foreman with the request that the money is divided among the crew. Instead, take a moment to meet with each mover to hand over his or her tip. This quick encounter also provides you with an opportunity to express your thanks for the mover's service and care, which is always important regardless of how much you tip. Visit for more information.