By The Mile, The Gallon Or Hour: Pricing Constructs Of In-State Moving Companies And What To Expect

In-state moving companies have various methods of charging customers for moving. When you plan to move within your same state but know the distance is farther than just twenty or fifty miles, you may want to delve into the details of the moving contracts with the companies available to you. Here are some of the different pricing constructs and what to expect.

By the Mile

While a few cents to a few dollars per mile seems like it would be the best option, companies that charge you to move by the mile know that they can make more money on customers who move greater distances. For example, say the company charges $2.95 per mile. This seems small until you multiply it by the distance you intend to travel. Traveling fifty miles or more could result in moving expenses between $100 to $2,000 (or more!) depending on the distance traveled. The fee per mile varies from company to company, so you can expect this amount to be slightly less or much more than the example given here. 

By the Gallon of Gas

Moving companies that charge only by the gallon of gas may have prices that fluctuate with the price of gas. When gas prices have dipped way down, this is an excellent choice because your moving costs are lower. (Conversely, when gas prices are high, your moving costs with these companies are going to be very high.) However, each gallon of gas can carry your possessions several miles, potentially reducing the cost when compared to some companies who charge by the mile. 

By the Hour

This may be the most expensive option of all, since moving by the hour means you are either charged for the extra human help that comes with the truck and the truck, or you are charged for the number of hours you rent the truck. If you hire a company that sends some movers with (usually two, but there could be more), you could be paying for their hourly wages plus the number of hours that the truck is in use, possibly making this the most expensive option. If you are just renting a truck to complete the move on your own, then the cost could drop enough that it could be reasonable and on par with the other ways that moving companies charge customers. If you choose to rent a truck by the hour, look at renting the truck for a flat "package" rate of hours, rather than by the individual hour.

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